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Rowena's Supercars www.rowenassupecars.com (The Worlds Youngest Car Show Presenter) brings you 'Supercar Kids Rule', which takes you on an awesome fun fast adventure with the latest Supercars to hit Planet Earth. From the lastest Ferrari's and Lambo's but also the new kids on the block...Tesla, Ariel & Koenigsegg's.

A Place where kids of world that love Supercars & Classics can post their finds! The one with the most bumps is that Months Winner! The Adults can post their favourite cars they loved as kids too! No boring Old People Supercar reviews on 'Super Car Kids Rule!!' (excluding Clarkson, May & Hammond) If it's COOL, FAST, got loads of POWER, LOOKS AWESOME and it has wheels you'll find it here, along with amazing fun fascinating reviews of all the Supercars you love. Here at SUPERCAR KIDS RULE, People Young and Old can vote, have they're say on what they think of the supercars out there and what we want to see in the future. 'Supercar Kids Rule!' we are the future!!

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  • I saw that Veyron outside that Bugatti clothes shop. That was an early car, chassis no.96. Love the paint job! The Veyron must be the best car of the 2000's.

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