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What is the best car Chris Bangle designed?
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW 6 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • Fiat Coupe
  • 2002 Mini
  • Opel Junior
  • BMW Z3
  • BMW Z9 Gran Turismo concept
  • BMW X5
  • BMW X-Coupe Concept
  • BMW CS1 Concept
  • BMW Z4
  • BMW X3
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • BMW 1 Series
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW X6
  • BMW GINA concept

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  • Z3, no doubts .Small, nimble, light and light looking. In another words great touring car. Pity, it had reliability issues. Then Z4 came along and ruined everything. Big, bulky, heavy looking and worst of all second generation was hard top convertible.

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