What is the best sat-nav to use in 2019?

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Sat navs are vital to reaching your destination – without them (or a paper map), you could easily end up stranded on a random Welsh B road with some sheep, or in the middle of the English Channel.

Whether you prefer Garmin or a classic TomTom, there are a multitude of sat navs to choose from, but which one should you go for? We’ve picked out the top five on sale in 2019.

Garmin Drive Assist 51LMT–D - £210

The clear and responsive display ensures that visibility is not an issue, the well illuminated screen gives you more time to concentrate on driving rather than having to look for directions.

It also comes with a five-inch touch screen that has a very user friendly interface which makes the LMT-D one of the easiest sat navs to use on this list.

However, the LMT-D does cost over £210, and the battery lasts only 30 minutes which is very disappointing.

On the plus side, the LMT-D doubles up as a dash camera as it comes with not one but two micro SD card slots, with one already packing a 4GB memory card out of the box. This will save recorded footage from the dash cam, so don't remove it.

Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S - £145

Yet another Garmin on the list but this model is the complete opposite to the LMT-D.

The LMT-S is a very cheap and straightforward to use. If you just want a sat nav without all the extra bits then this is the one for you. It does anything you would want a sat nav to do such as life-time map updates, speed camera warning and live traffic information.

The LMT-S has quite a robotic voice. The outdated interface also makes it quite slow and inefficient. Is the LMT-S worth it when you can just use your mobile phone which does the same thing? We’re not so sure.

Tomtom Go 6200 - £300

The top of the range model in TomTom’s line up brings with it quite a lot of things to get excited about. The Go 6200 comes with a six-inch colour screen and a built-in sim card which allows connected services such as live traffic updates, for which TomTom is famous.

Alongside this, the Go 6200 will also carry out over-the-air updates using wifi, and it has excellent phone integration as it comes with Bluetooth connectivity which means you can make hands free calls while it is running.

This being the most expensive model TomTom make, it does come with its downfalls. The screen feels too delicate and the £300 price tag is very hefty. The absence of voice controls is also a down side.

TomTom Basic 5

TomTom’s latest product may be called basic but it is far from it. This being the only product on the list which is available for pre order, the Basic offers very good value for money.

The Basic comes either with a five-inch or a six-inch screen and the new HD display comes with class leading graphics and great live information about traffic and data.

However, the low resolution screen could put a few people off from buying this and information about speed cameras are only available through subscription which costs a one off payment of £50.

Binatone A505 – £69.99

If you are looking for an extremely cheap Sat Nav then look no further. The A505 has live speed camera warning and lifetime traffic information. It also has an anti glare screen which is very good for an entry-level sat nav.

It’s also very easy to set up and has a very long battery life. At £69.99 it is the cheapest sat nav on this list and could be one of the very few that sell well due to its low price.

What sat nav would you buy from this list? Comment down below!

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