What is the Best Supercar on Sale?

One dilemma. One answer.

An elite category of cars, nestled in-BETWEEN the hypercar and sports-car realms. Typically mid-engined vehicles with breathtaking performance, poster-worthy proportions and effortless charm.

'Supercars' Defined

The Porsche 911 is not a supercar. Not. Even. Close. Yes, it’s fast, (especially the GT and Turbo models), expensive, and looks stunning, but it’s not quite there. Those who label the 911 as a ‘supercar’ bring to mind images of lycra-wearing parents who stand outside in the cold on a Saturday morning watching their 8 year-olds run rings around an oval track, informing every hapless passerby about how much of an ‘athlete’ their child is. Let’s be honest darling. I’m sure your child can run somewhat quickly, but no matter what you say, they ain’t Usain Bolt. They’re in Little Athletics not the Olympics for heavens sake.

Now don’t go thinking we hate the 911. We don’t. Rather the opposite actually. However, there is an inherent aura missing from the 911 experience that somehow disqualifies it from being classified as a full-blooded supercar. The same goes for Nissan’s GTR and AMG’s GT. And the Ferrari 812 Superfast; which, despite having all the key ingredients usually associated with a supercar, is really a grand tourer on steroids.

So then. The big question:

What is the best supercar on sale?

We've already made up our minds; nonetheless, we'd like to hear yours. Tell us in the comments below.


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Comments (28)

  • Mclarens. All of them minus the MP4-12C, thats a sports car in my mind.

      3 years ago
  • The best supercar on sale for me would have to the FERRARI 488 PISTA!

      3 years ago
  • I think the general view of what a supercar these days is skewed somewhat (incl myself)

    Power - remember the F40? 478bhp. A Merc hatchback almost makes that now close to the same 0-60 nd probably tails off there tho

    Visual looks - subjective. I think the Gumpert Apollo looks awesome but apparently most people think it looks crap

    Handling/involvement - that’s a given

    Price - not that it should matter but I can’t afford anything more than my 2004 Toyota Corolla with hail damage anyways

    Pedigree - can have a Ferrari or Lamborghini or maserati or whatever exotic name you want. But Honda was there next to u with the NSX

    Engine layout? Mid? rear? front?

    Driven wheel? 4wd? RWD? Guess not front tho

    Maybe it’s the whole package. I don’t know

    Can someone tell me what a supercar today is to start off with when the base offerings from the like of mclaren and Ferrari and Lamborghini is waaaaaaay past pretty much every aspect what their Supercars where to start off

    Lamborghini pick of the lot in the 60’s was a Miura (I Guess that’s what they called a supercar then). A Huracan is faster more comfortable quicker more efficient (prettier is subjective) handles better etc etc

    Sorry for the long message

    But what is the standard for a supercar these days?

      3 years ago
    • The standard for a super car changes with technology as well as the competition around it. When 400 hp becomes the norm then the super car must follow higher unwritten rules.

      Also super cars of the past are still rated as super cars, in my mind...

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        3 years ago
  • I think i like the 458 the best

      3 years ago
  • Mclaren 720S

      3 years ago