What is the coolest car-related thing?

6w ago


We all love cars. But there is more to cars than just, well, cars. There are other things that catch the eye of the average car lover. The top content creators on Drivetribe give their answers:

ME (Tejas Kokcha)

If you ask me, then my coolest car-related thing is something that has been in the news quite recently, the Aston Martin underwater garage. It seems very rare that a company gives such a big bespoke touch to its customer but then we are talking about the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Duncan Leahy

"For me it has to be the Tesla Roadster in Space".

Ben Welham

"As much as it’s a waste. That Pagani work of art in someone’s house".

Omega Husky (Alvaro Perez Martínez)

"That stuff like GPS & 4 wheel drive were first used by military before being Available to everyone, the 4wd was used on the original jeep & the GPS was used mostly to guide tanks on the dark. Cool, isn't it?"

Josh S

"Stuttgart is heaven for car manias. Its cool for me"


"The coolest car related thing for me definitely has to be VW's transparent factory in Dresden. Such a gorgeous piece of design and also the birth place of the most under appreciated and over-engineered car, the VW Phaeton."

John Coleman

"Model cars. It's automotive sculpture you can have in your house."

What do you think is the coolest car-related thing? Let me know in the Comments

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