What is the gentleman driver?

I decided to start this drive after spending a weekend at the Goodwood Revival and an entire afternoon watching videos by Petrolicious. The latter's 'drive tastefully' tagline really struck a chord with me, so here we have The Gentleman Driver; a place for the finer side of motoring.

I don't know exactly what I'll fill this tribe with, but for now it'll be my own photos from Goodwood and the Revival, and any cool stuff I find online. I love watches and motorsport-themed ones in particular, so expect to see the Tag Heuer Monaco and some of Christopher Ward's offerings, too. Driving shoes, too, and maybe some gorgeous Revival-appropriate cameras from Leica.

This tribe might be a little quiet at launch, as I'm also running my main tribe, The Drive Forward, which in many ways is the polar opposite of TGD - it's all about the future of motoring and the journey technology is taking us on. Oh, and lady drivers are of course welcome too!


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