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    What is the greatest American car from the 1990's?
    • Oldsmobile Aurora
    • Ford Crown Victoria
    • Dodge Viper
    • GMC Syclone
    • GM EV1
    • Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
    • other (let me know in the comments)

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    • Pontiac T/A

        2 years ago
    • The Trans Am Firebird

        1 year ago
    • The Aurora......?

        1 year ago
      • Yeah. It helped Oldsmobile get out of a sales slump they were in. It was well made, good looking, and if you got it with the V8, pretty fast, too. (140 mph)

          1 year ago
    • 1994 Ford Lightning

        1 year ago
    • No mention of the Mustang? The 1993 Cobra?

        1 year ago


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