W​hat is the greatest BMW M car of all time?

T​here are many, many contenders...

1y ago

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W​hat is your favourite BMW M car? Get your answers in the comments below!

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Comments (107)

  • I think the M3 E36 was one of the best BMW M cars.

    It has great handling and speed all in a sedan.

    Edit: E36 not E46.

      1 year ago
  • M3 E46 GTR and CSL

    suppressed by homologation

      1 year ago
  • Greatest BMW E30 M3. Won the World, European and British Touring Car championships and even won rounds of the World Rally Championship (I think, but could be wrong, the last RWD car to do so?). No other M car has a record in Motorsport that even comes close.

      1 year ago
  • every bmw but not the m4 gts

      1 year ago
  • E34 M5

      1 year ago