What is the ideal charging time for an EV? – DriveTribe Journeys Ep.2

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When it comes to electric cars, the main thing that puts people off these days is the length of time it takes to charge them up, especially when compared to a standard fuel stop.

Audi has tackled this problem head-on with its charging system on the e-tron SUV, cutting the time to charge it up to well below any of its current rivals.

It'll charge to 80% in just 30 minutes, so while driving through California on our way to the e-tron launch in San Francisco, we discussed just what we'd get up to while our e-tron was gathering juice at a service station on a long trip:

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Would a charging time of just 30 minutes convince you to buy an electric car? Or does that time need to decrease even further? Comment with your thoughts below!

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Comments (9)
  • Just imagine when 25000 electric cars get caught in a 30 mile traffic jam for 8 hours in a snow storm on the M25 :-(

    I just hope we have a lot of electric helicopters available ready to lift them off!!!

    Buy the way that’s not hypothetical it happened this last winter!!!

    1 month ago
  • I know these things are coming but so are the Martian’s,anyway it would be great if they took 4 BILIION LIGHT YEARS to charge then I wouldn’t have to experience one “Sorry”

    1 month ago


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