What is the infrastructure for electric cars like in your country?

Are there many charging points, is your government pro electric cars, against electric cars or not bothered at all? Whatever the case, comment below!

3w ago


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  • The infrastructure is HORRENDOUS. Even most big shopping centres and supermarkets don't have them. And if they do, there is one or two max. It's actually funny how they expect people to buy electric cars when it's nearly impossible to charge one. If you went to work and desperatly need to charge you have to go out of your way to find one. Lots of the roads near me are B roads and winding country lanes leading to small towns. If you happened to need to charge there because you didn't plug in last night you would be screwed. 2 things need to happen before people here buy evs. 1. More infrastructure to charge and even buy them. 2. They need to have more range to tempt buyers from hybrids or ICE cars

      21 days ago
  • There's probably less than 20 chargers in the whole country, and kost of them are in the city center/capital. There's our local fuel station "YPF" that in 2017 said they were going to install 200+ chargers, and I think I read they've only done like 3 or a little more, that aren't even operational 😂🤣

      21 days ago
  • I only have one near my school (in the feckin' city center!) which is always occupied by a fellow Chevy Volt

      21 days ago


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