What is the most beautiful European Railway route?

Europe is full of panoramic railway routes, which one do you know?

2w ago


Since I was a teenager, I've always fancied to travel. A very interesting way to have a trip across Europe in my opinion is with an Interrail ticket. If you don't know what I'm talking about, basically is an unique pass that allows you to travel in Europe taking as many trains as you want. There are different tickets options, to suit every traveler needs.

By now, I'm a grown up adult, but I still fancy this idea of travel, for example I would love to take a 3 months pass and then just going with my backpack and stopping here and there, possibly reaching northern Europe, meeting some friends along the way and seeing beautiful scenarios. Travelling by train is a fascinating way to discover places, more relaxing than driving in the long distance and has a sort of romantic vibe, even if nowadays is very far from the idea that old movies gave us about train trips. Still, it has a weird appeal on me. Seeing landscapes passing by and changing form from behind the window, accompanied by the rattling and buzzing sound of the train, it's just great in my book. Europe is full of great panoramic railways, running along coasts and fjords or riding through mountains and glaciers, crossing forests and reaching small and big beautiful places.

So far adult life and the current world situation makes my plan pretty much impossible, but maybe as a way to exorcise this Covid stress and the bad feeling of feeling my personal freedom to move limited, I'm starting to look around for the best panoramic routes in Europe. So far I've found ten or so railway routes, mostly on Norway, Switzerland and Germany. I'm keeping searching just for the fun of research and of planning impossible plans, this take us to the point of this post:

What's the most beautiful railway route in Europe?

Have you ever done this kind of trip?

Tell me your experiences in the comments!

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  • That one in Britan where they filmed the Harry potter scene. I always drive by it in fh4.

      16 days ago
  • I know none of them! But I do know there are a lot of great routes and that I really want to go on one...

      16 days ago
    • I'm going to write something about the ones I have found in the next days, shame I can't go anywhere rn 😂

        16 days ago
  • Well,I've never travelled by train in Europe.But,if you ask me abt India,it has to be the KONKAN RAILWAYS,which runs along the West Coast,and is extremely beautiful-with Big bridges over the sea and Long Tunnels

      16 days ago
  • Sounds like a wonderful idea

      17 days ago
  • Southern France from Toulouse to Barcelona is beautiful, so is Milan to Naples

      5 days ago
    • I've been on the Milan to Naples and... No lol

        5 days ago
    • Really? I loved seeing the ruins of Roman aqueducts and going through a rain storm lol I was in the high speed train that took like 2 hrs

        5 days ago


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