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What is the point in Hypercars? Are we being tricked?

You may be thinking that's absurd, however if you put some thought into it then you may just understand, here let me explain. Ahh yes 1993 the year of, well I actually don't know I wasn't alive back then but what I do know is that the candle of hypercars was lit... The McLaren F1 was created and the people back then were blown away, some may argue that the Bugatti Veyron was the first hypercar but I think that that makes no sense, but, I came up with an explanation why... When the Bugatti Veyron came out the word was spread, on the news, in the newspaper and on car magazines, the fastest car in the world. People like Lana Del Rey or however her name is spelled were even mentioning it in there songs, even the spice girls new about it, I don't know if they sang about it though. My point is more people new about the Veyron than the McLaren F1. Now you may be wondering where I'm going with this. The McLaren F1 was made for racing however other sensitive car companies saw this car as a "threat" so in reply to the McLaren F1 which was faster than the Bugatti EB110, they acted rather Honda Civic Type R'ish, they added more, this made the Bugatti EB110 the fastest car in the world, have you noticed how in my History class of cars that we have gone from a racing car to pure threats and competition. Now we have Bugatti who have now decided to create another fastest car in the world, the all famous road legal, MASS PRODUCED Bugatti Veyron. The reason I highlighted mass produced was because this competition was made for racing and now the fastest car has been massed produced. Now skip 5 years later everyone is beginning to make hypercars... Now what has gone from being some little competition now has made concepts and the new trend hypercars, the news for petrol heads wasn't there's a new dodge coming out it was "hey honey you know Henesey that car company that made my ford illegal, well they just made a new fastest car", this was a daily thing, now if we go back to Bugatti who have sold thousands of Veyrons to billionaires and have produced concept cars worth 16 million pounds they wanted to cut all this out, they made the Bugatti Chiron, not only the fastest car in the world but made the first road legal car to hit 300mph, this silenced the war of hypercars, the Chiron was the car that took on every hyper car and silenced them. But every mass-produced hyper car I've yapped on about can't do more than 70mph on the motorway, not because there not capable of doing it, no, it's because the police will find you £90 for doing 71mph. So if hypercars can't hit there top speed, then what's the point in them, you can't fit the weekly shop in them so what is the point in them. People spend millions on them just to say, my car is faster than your illegal ford tuned by Henesey. You would think no it's because there fun to drive but can I ask you how there fun to drive, you can't do more in a Rimac than you can in a Ford Focus. Now for at least 1.8million pounds less you can buy a Ford Raptor which you can legally do fun stuff with it like go up a mountain or take up 3 parking spaces instead of 1 and make your neighbor want to evict you. A new car was released which I've shown a photo of and mentioned it a few times in this article called the Rimac, the Rimac Concept 1 was the first electric hypercar ever made and yet Richard Hammond showed it's true potential and that didn't end well did it! Anyway I hope I have made a good point and even made you laugh once or twice but for now I'll let you go and drive a Ford knowing you can legally beat a Rimac on an A road. Bye, have a great day!

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  • Speaking of parking spaces they are getting entirely too small.

    11 days ago
    • Yes actually I mistook a parking space for a bike parking space a few days ago

      11 days ago