What is the point of the 'Crystal Eroded' Porsche 911 art car?

This should explain it...

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Do you remember that Porsche 911 art installation which cropped up last year? Well, it's back at another show in China and it got me thinking, what is the point?

The car is currently on tour and is now in China at the Chengdu Motor Show. This car is very confusing to car enthusiasts as it is everything the 911 isn't suppose to be.

While it is completely driveable, it will never be driven and it has crystals sticking out of the bonnet. It doesn't seem to make much sense unless you are Brian Sewell, and even he would have questioned it.

So, I decided to do a bit of research and found out the point of this art piece. It is supposedly meant to replicate what the 992 generation of 911 would be like if found in the future.

According to Porsche, this is what it signifies: “The 911 art car presents what it looked like when it was discovered in 3020. After thousands of years, although many parts of the car body were damaged by erosion, it was still able to drive with undiminished performance. This fits perfectly with the 911’s identity as a Timeless Machine, both for design and performance."

I guess that's one way to use a Carrera 4S, but I think I would have saved a bit of money and used a base Carrera or even a 924...

What do you think of this?

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Comments (21)

  • Looks like it is done by an ARTIST who doesn't know what is the meaning of ART😂🤣

      14 days ago
  • Agreed, completely pointless, the 911 is art in itself so why change it!

      13 days ago
  • Cause it looks SICK

      9 days ago
  • Art for art’s sake?!

      14 days ago
  • First Porsche, then we need to get the Mansory creations.

      9 days ago