What are the quirky full forms of these acronyms according to car brands?

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What does 'RAC-E' in Ferrari SF-90 Stradale stand for

  • Reverse Acceleration Control with Electric
  • Rotation Axis Control with Electric
  • Race And Cinnamon without Electricity

What does I.C.E. mean on Maserati models?

  • Internet Cooling Engineering
  • Internet Cooled Elegantly
  • Increased Control & Efficiency

What does 'd n a' mean on a Alfa Romeo?

  • Sorry, I am poor at biology
  • DUH! Deoxyriboneucleic Acid
  • Dynamic, Natural & Advanced Efficiency

What does 'ALA' mean on a Lamborghini?

  • Aerodynamica Lamborghini Attiva
  • Amazing Lamborghini's Aerodynamics
  • Attiva Lamborghini Aerodynamica

What is the full form of 'AMG' on a Mercedes ?

  • Aufrecht Melcher Groβaspach
  • Affalterbach Melcher Groβaspach
  • Alfred Munich Greβenberg

What do you mean when somebody says "VTEC kicked in yo!"

  • Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control
  • Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electric Control
  • Variable Timing & Electric Control

This one is the coolest rather than toughest. What is the full form of Dodge's 'GLHS' (1986)?

  • Goes Like Hell S'more
  • Goosebumps Like High Speed
  • Good Luck High School

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