What is the world's most obnoxious car?

Is it every single sporty SUV on the road today?

5w ago

Obnoxious cars attract society's worst type of people. Only the worst people on the roads drive obnoxious looking cars because that's who they're for, but what are said 'obnoxious cars'?

We've all been in the scenario when a car is trying to bully us on a road and it's usually a balding middle-aged man in a suit who is the sort of person to place his Rolex on the dinner plate to then take a photograph of it.

This certain type of person is usually driving a particular type of car - an obnoxious one. From my experience, I have decided that the world's most obnoxious cars are sporty SUVs such as the BMW X6 M, Audi Q7, L320 Range Rover Sport (2009 facelift), and the Lamborghini Urus.

These are all big brutish cars which are essentially pointless and could easily be replaced by an estate/wagon, but the owners are just too stuck up to realise. First of all, you don't need 600hp in your SUV and secondly, we don't care if you tower over our cars because you're clearly compensating for something.

But from those in my list above, I'd say the X6 M driver is the worst for two reasons. One, they think they are cool with their latest purchase and two, they believe nothing on the road is faster and will force-feed you as many 'M' badges as humanly possible.

Sure there are other types of obnoxious cars driven by equally-obnoxious people, but I'll save those for another day. And if you are one of those people who own one of these cars, may I suggest buying a VW Toureg instead? It's far better and more innocent.

What do you think is the world's most obnoxious car?

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