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What is the worst police car being used in your country?

Crikey, it's the Rozzers

11w ago

Police cars can be really tremendeous machines, considering the job, speed and danger involved. But, not all of them are needed for speeding down the Autobahn, ramming an outlaw on the Interstate or catching James May in Albania.

Some of them do this boring part of the job - cruising and helping grandmas across the street, carrying K9s or just delivering donuts. So, what are those forgotten heroes in your country?

Where I come from, these include almost always some car 'for developing countries', such are: Peugeot 301 / Citroen C-Elysee, Chery Tengo or Škoda Rapid. They do the job, but pretty boring and bland cars.

How is it over at your corner of the globe?

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