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4y ago

About a year ago - never mind how long precisely - having a little or no interest in cars, and nothing particular to interest me in the public transport, I thought I would ride a bike about a little and see the motorcycling part of the world.

My world had changed and not particularly for the better so I was ripe for a new craze to amaze me. And amaze it did. And hooked I was from the moment my mind was turned towards these two-wheeled wonders. 360 degrees of unobstructed view, powerful vibrating mechanical marvel massaging gently on gonads, caged commute companions gazing in awe and envy and the sound to send thousands ships sailing in shame.. I mean, it felt like riding a bicycle, only faster and without the annoying required physical input.

In this neck of the woods you need to obtain your riding license by intense studies and excessive examination. But my school never provided me with the amount of information my n00b s0ul was craving for. Thus I fixated my gaze upon the most competent teachers the world has given birth to: the Youtubers. The Content Creators, The Experts of the Internets, The Entertainers of our Era.. I spent many a sleepless night absorbing the theoretical how-to's and go-to's and get-go's. I woke up to the wish to put all this acquired intelligence in to practice.

Long story short aka TL;DR.. I got my license, I got me-self a bike: 2003 Honda CB600f Hornet "Matilda"

2003 Honda CB600f Hornet "Matilda" featuring a bloke with a DuMo (Dual Mohawk) helmet.

2003 Honda CB600f Hornet "Matilda" featuring a bloke with a DuMo (Dual Mohawk) helmet.

Then there was the winter of 2015-2016, with its snow and cold and generally riding hostile conditions. But Christmas was generous and Santa brought me a GoPro and a mic and as the spring thawed out the roads the vehicles and the hearts I started with a YouTube channel of me own..

I am ElectroMoto: www.youtube.com/c/ElectroMotoVlog

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