What is Thrill of Speed

Who, What, why.

Hello, I'm Mickaël. 35, French, Ducati Scrambler and 1991 red mazda mx5 owner. The Scrambler may change, the mx5 it's unlikely.

Faster, faster, until the Thrill of Speed overcome the fear of death

Hunter S. Thompson

For years now i take photos of my automotive adventures, documenting road-trips, some of my friends race week-ends and events i go mostly as lambda public.

Thrill of Speed is the name of my website/blog since 2014. It came from the quote of Hunter S. Thompson (you know, the guy from Las Vegas Parano). I find that it perfectly describe my feeling when i drive or ride a little bit too fast.

What i'am trying to do here? Mostly pleasing you with what i think are my best photos and words (for what my english let me do), and the best content i can find around in D_TRIBE that you may not have seen yet.

Everything you'll see here that is not clearly stated as a repost is my very own original content, and i'm really proud of that.

I also lead the Cafe Racer Life tribe, wich i see more as a community thing where for here i think it more like a magazine.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as me doing it and have a great time with me.

Yours, Mickaël aka Personne

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