What is your dream car?

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4w ago

I know that many of us have lots of dream cars but i'm sure that there is always that one that stands out, for me, it is the new Alpine A110/A110S, I just love everything about this car ... The beautiful retro-inspired but modernised design, the rally heritage that is associated with the Alpine name, the colour-matched interior trim and even the amazing colour choices, it is really such a special car that sadly I don't think is going to last much longer.

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  • Koenigsegg Regera or Ferrari F40

      1 month ago
  • Ferrari F12 Tour De France.

      1 month ago
  • My dream car is a Renault Twingo R2 which sadly gets criticized constantly even though it's a great car, people say it's unreliable, slow, not fun to drive etc... I own a Twingo Dynamique and it is 1. The most reliable car I've owned, 2. Reasonably quick and 3. The funnest car I've been in. Now imagine that but as a rally car, yeah, you get a Twingo R2! I'm sorry for going off on a rant but I hate it when people criticize a car that they most likely haven't seen irl let alone been in or driven. You can say that a car is ugly from a photo but you can't say that it's not fun or not a good car

      1 month ago
    • The Twingo R2 is probably a fun, light and nimble little rally car, I love it, In fact, I love the normal version of the Twingo as it is, and the Renault Sport version too!

        1 month ago
    • I own a MK2 Twingo Dynamique and it is reliable, fun, nimble, economic etc... everything you want in a daily. But it is criticized by people who have never been in one. I also didn't used to like the Twingo, I thought it was just ok. But the second...

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        1 month ago
  • Can and never willchoose one singular car

      1 month ago