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What is your dream project car?

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If you're anything like me, you'll eventually want to have a project car and make it as perfect as you can. This could be because it's been a childhood dream of yours, or that you want to create the best example of a certain model. It could be anything.

My partner for example, has a Trabant 601 S which is a car from the now non-existent country of East Germany. It's currently broken as it needs a new starter motor, which are hard to find now due to the fact that Trabant's haven't been made since the very early 1990s. But one day, it'll be finished and spluttering its way to a car show or even on a road trip.

My partner's Trabant 601 S before the starter motor died

I asked Adrian what his dream project car would be and it didn't exactly take me by surprise. He said for nostalgia reasons alone, he would basically do a resto-mod job on a Fiat 126p to a similar specification to what his great granddad had.

But instead of restoring it to its factory condition, he would give it a mechanical overhaul by giving it a full engine rebuild which would include forging the engine to a larger capacity, a supercharger kit, modern suspension and brakes, and so on.

Adrian would restore and improve a Fiat 126p, similar to the ones he grew up with when he lived in Poland

I would go down a similar road that Adrian would go and do a full resto-mod. My car choice isn't as 'regular' as a Trabant or a Fiat 126p but I would happily take an old Nissan 300ZX and effectively build a range topping model that never existed in the 1990s.

I'd still keep the iconic look of the 300ZX but modernise everything you can't see. I would take the basic set up of the more modern 370Z NISMO and transplant it onto the chassis of the 300ZX. A few modifications to the 3.7 litre V6 will be made too in the form of better cooling, a custom, straight pipe exhaust system and a turbo kit. I would hope for a power output in the range of 450-500bhp.

Interior wise, I would want to modernise it with a new audio system, an aftermarket infotainment system and a digital instrument gauge. Sure, this isn't true to the original interior but I would try and keep the fit and finish close to what would have rolled off the production line. I'd also have the entire interior re-upholstered with new leather, with a touch of Alcantara on the seats.

Image Source: 90s.japan on Instagram

What is your dream project car then?

So here those are the project cars me and Adrian would love to build, along with my partner's Trabant project. I want to know what you would restore if you were given all the parts and money you would need. If you already have a project car, I would love to see it in the comment section below.

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  • I'd love to do an Alfa 75, or turn a 156 into touring car spec

    10 months ago
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  • A technical clone of the 911 2.1 RSR

    10 months ago
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