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What is your favorite Porsche 911?
  • Porsche 911 Turbo (930)
  • I will tell you!

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  • I am stuck between the 993 Turbo or the 930 Turbo Targa

      26 days ago
  • I’m not into 911s, so I’d say the 996, because it’s cheap and no one really cares that much if you thrash it to death

      26 days ago
  • Current 911 Carrera S

      26 days ago
  • 911 991.2 speedster

      26 days ago
  • 992 Turbo S Cab

      26 days ago
    • Really? It sounds terrible

        26 days ago
    • I don’t know if thats sarcasm or not but yes the fastest 911 cabriolet you can buy as I won’t always be driving at 110%.

      There is however something a bit special about driving a cabriolet very fast with the roof down.

        26 days ago


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