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  • When i joined DT, in 2016, i expected a Petrolhead site with great content.At first it was. Now, in late 2018, we have almost only quizz (not fundamentaly bad but it's a question of dosage) and above all huge boost on EV propaganda. Not very "old top gear". Now understand clearly: commercialy, you are missing your target. Wether you turn it back into a real petrolhead site or you (the whole team, including the magic trio=) assume you have nothing to share with "petrolhead community" and behave, de facto, as a geeky facebookl-ike thing. There is room on internet for a PETROLHEAD site, grab this opportunity. Understand what is "petrolhead". If you go on on the path you took, Drivetribe will die within 12 months.

    If i'm still there, that's because i used to love the old Drivetribe, the real one and i'd like to see it back. Maybe it's possible, maybe not.

    10 days ago
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  • I love when people try to make opinion fact in their articles! I also love misleading content that doesn't even touch what the title is called. But then their is my favorite: People using content found on the internet (like videos from Donut Media) as re-writing the description or something to make it sound like they contributed to the media. So basically to sum it up, I like how people treat this site like Automotive Facebook.

    10 days ago
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    • DriveTribe is a content social media. You're welcome to write better articles, different articles, whatever you want. We welcome anyone that contributes to making the platform...

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      9 days ago
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    • I've published 3 now.

      8 days ago


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