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What is your Favourite Fast Ford?

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Almost regardless of background, there will be a Ford-badged performance car in your driving history somewhere. Or at least one you drove like a performance car. Fast Fords are simply so ubiquitous - and, in lot of instances, so good - that they're impossible to ignore for the everyman car enthusiast. Whether Fiesta or Focus, Mustang or Cortina, we all have happy stories to tell about the Fords of yore.

For example, my favourite Fast Ford is a Ford GT40. The Lamborghini Miura is widely considered to be the most beautiful car ever made. But the original Ford GT40 ran it pretty close – especially in iconic blue and orange Gulf livery.

The GT40 was built with one purpose in mind: defeating Ferrari on the racetrack. In the 1966 Le Mans 24-hour race, where the Fords finished first, second and third. Job done.

You can excess this link to vist a poll to vote. drivetribe.com/p/vote-your-favourite-fast-ford-BPluPLlPRvWLOamqkhpS1Q?iid=aQjQ2PO9SN6a4s4ELig_7A

I have written down 20 Fast Fords. Vote which one you think is the best or comment below😎.

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