What is your favourite holiday destination?

NO VIDEO?! what! I know, we do apologise, but some of us are on holiday! So, we thought we would take a week off from the crazy and hectic video production and do something a bit different. The four of us who haven't gone away were thinking about what holiday destinations we have enjoyed in the past. Some are car related, some are not. All are sweet memories.

Emma Voltaire - Vehiculum Obscura

Ah, love a good holiday. Well, now I do. I had never left the UK until I was 19, when I took my first flight out the country with Daniel and his family - a group of 6 adults back in 2011. All of us, apart from me, had been flying a lot, Daniel and his sister have been flying since they where 2 months old. So, there is me, freaking out, a fear of heights and going in a metal tube in the air. I hated it, a 6-hour flight in the dark, over the Alps in a thunderstorm, I could have killed Daniel for dragging me on this. He felt so guilty, but his family reassured me that it would be okay, even for seasoned flyers, it was a horrific flight. We landed at night and I fell asleep for the first time in 30 hours, I was just so tired. I woke the next morning to find my self on a cruise boat, the balcony window open, Daniel reading a book outside. The clock said 9am, the sun beaming down on the water, the sand dunes flowing down to the bank of the River Nile. My first holiday was Egypt and I fell in love.

Marly Moultrie - The Engine Bae

Being in Los Angeles, we’re blessed to have tons of different places to cruise to - but there is one spot that EVERY car enthusiast in LA loves. It’s our public road-course almost, in fact - it’s SO popular, many Car manufacturers use this particular road to shoot many of their commercials… The Famous Los Angeles Crest. The road is windy, dangerous, but man is it a fun drive! There are a few turn out spots, and even one that overlooks the entire city of Los Angeles, however, our beloved Crest is prone to our annual Forest Fire seasons, as well as snow, mudslides, ect. Nonetheless, it’s a road that we all love and drive on whenever we get a chance! That’s our favourite place to drive to.

James Stewart - The Scenic Route

For me, a holiday destination doesn’t really matter as long as it has three things. Good beer, a hot beach and good company. This year I went on a family holiday to Spain and for the first time, this included my little niece, Ivy.

Up until the day we left I was sure that she wasn’t very fond of me. Maybe it was because I didn’t see her often enough, either way, I was determined to spend as much time with her as she would let me in order for us to be friends! We played on the beaches, in the parks, I bought her ice creams and pushed her up and down steep hills in her pram and yet somehow nothing seemed to work, until one day she wanted to go and play in the water fountain. She asked her nanny to take her but nanny was eating. To my amazement, she walked past everyone else, took my hand and said: “James, you are taking me!”. In that moment I could have stayed in Spain with my family forever.

Victoria Zip - Vicky's Mind Propulsion

When I came to the US in 2015, I had no idea that I would find my personal favourite place in the whole world just in the middle of the desert. With a Honda CR-V and some camping gear, all borrowed from friends in Los Angeles, we made our way due east. After driving 130 miles through a stunning landscape that took my breath away, we arrived in Joshua Tree National Park and the sun was about to set. It was September and it seemed like none else was around. We set up our camp on the campground we decided was the most beautiful one and watched the sun going down while having a cold beer and some crisps for dinner.

Joshua trees, which only can be found in this area, are the most beautiful plants I have ever seen. The place is magical, silent and soothing. At night, coyotes were howling and when I woke up before sunrise, I found myself in a picture that I would have never been able to imagine. The sky was already blue-ish but the moon still shone brightly with the brightest star besides him. Dark silhouettes of the trees were visible in every direction against the horizon and I wished I could stay forever.

So, what is your favorite holiday destination? Cold? Hot? Pools or treks?

Let us know below!

Written by: Emma Voltaire, Victoria Zip, James Stewart and The Engine Baes.

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  • Not my favorite vacation yet. Bet it has potential. Cheers everyone!

    1 year ago
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  • If every trip isn't an adventure you are either driving the wrong car or not living right! If you'll excuse me I have to go get some bread from the store. Adventure awaits!

    1 year ago
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