What is your ideal Halloween destination?

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With so many haunted locations all over the world this can be a very hard decision to make. Right now it would probably be next to impossible to get into any of these places. From prisons, asylums, Inns, amusement parks, cemeteries and more. Where are you wanting to go?

Ohio State Reformatory: Mansfield, Ohio

Ohio State Reformatory is one of the most haunted places in the United States, this is definitely a place I plan on going. There is the opportunity for all different kinds of activity for you to witness, including if you do not show these spirits respect then you might soon have regrets. There is also a little girl that may want you to take her for a walk around as she holds your hand. Shadow figures may even come running for you or apparitions take you for a tour.

Stanley Hotel: Estes park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for the Overlook hotel in Stephen King's novel The Shining(1977) and all it took was one night for that inspiration. It is know for it's old world charm and sophistication, In the original Historic Stanley they even have spirited room listings that includes Stephen King Suite 207 along with some Ghost hunters' favorite rooms as well for those that embrace the paranormal.

Winchester House: San Jose, California

The Winchester house would definitely be an amazing place to see just for the architecture alone. After Sarah Winchester lost her infant and then a few years later her husband as well(Winchester repeating firearms). Sarah went and bought an 8 room farmhouse and begun renovations. She consulted a psychic medium to channel her husband's spirit. There are doors that open to brick walls or even worse just a drop off, stairs that go nowhere and there is even a sΓ©ance room and it is said that Sarah would go every night at midnight. Everything was designed around the spirit world and it is one of the top destinations around the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love your feedback on it and what would be your ideal Halloween destination?

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