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  • Believe or not

    812 SuperFast

    G-63 6x6

    Huracán Performante

      20 days ago
    • Where did you get the 812 superfast????????

        20 days ago
    • Easy! I won it from doing the horizon story star card😂

        20 days ago
  • Guntherwerks 400R. I’ve got three of them now, all with different tunes and color schemes...

      20 days ago
  • Haven't played FH since the first one. Tell Microsoft to put it on PC, dammit 😔

      20 days ago
  • The FD 599, the ID.R, the CCGT, my Monaco KC and my 599XX E. The FD 599 is my all out drift missile with a DUBS tune, my ID.R is my speed zone go to car, the CCGT is my daily, my Monaco is my go to danger sign car, and my 599XX E, of course, is my go to rocketship.

    I can’t get over how fucking close I am to top 1,000 in the ambleside approach speed zone. Hopefully I get it done tomorrow.

      20 days ago
  • McLaren Senna. It is by far the best handling car in the game.

      20 days ago


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