What is your perfect Porsche 911?

1y ago

Is track performance your highest priority?

  • Yes I want to squeeze out every second out of my nürburgring lap time
  • No but I occasionally go on track days once a month
  • No,I only use my car for daily driving and travelling

You are in a de-restricted part of the Autobahn, what do you do?

  • Drive chilled occasionally speeding up to 200-260 km/h
  • Get up to the limiter as soon as I can
  • Keep driving the same because my car will be a future modern classic and my car will be sold at an auction for 800000$

Do you like travelling?

  • Yes,i go on a ski trip with my car twice a year to the French Alps
  • Come on it's a 911 not an A6 Avant

How frequently do you use your 911?

  • I use it every day to go to work
  • Only on weekends

Choose one

  • PDK
  • Manual

Choose a place to go with your 911

  • Concours d'Elegance
  • The Nürburgring
  • Fanciest restaurant in the city

Do you like bucket seats?

  • Yes,actually they are much more comfortable than people think
  • No they are too uncomfortable,I prefer normal leather seats

Are you a Naturally Aspirated fan?

  • Yes I love the sound of a NA flat-6
  • I really dont care as long as the car is fast

Do you like convertibles?

  • Yes,I want to hear a flat-six screaming behind my head
  • No,I don't like wind noise

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