What is your spirit Muscle Car Engine?

2y ago

Is there ever such a thing as too much horsepower?

  • Yes. We have to draw the line somewhere.
  • Absolutely not! Let freedom ring.

Are you a cold climate or warm climate person?

  • Keep it cool.....
  • Heat me up!

What's the first upgrade you perform on a new purchase?

  • Camshaft
  • Headers/Exhaust
  • Tires
  • Paint & Stickers

Do you prefer to stay home or find new roads?

  • I go where I know.
  • Discovery is the essence of adventure!

Road Racing or Drag Racing?

  • Road. Curves keep it entertaining.
  • Let's hit the strip!

Must a car have air-conditioning?

  • No we'll just drive faster!
  • Uh yeah....what are we cavemen?

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