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Amber Blonigan | Gi Automotive

2y ago

During my LA holiday, I visited my good petrolhead friend Amber. She's a badass who owns her own auto shop called Gi Automotive, and not only that but works herself on the cars which come in. So that being said of course it was the perfect opportunity to ask her few questions:

What got you into cars, particularly working on them?

Driving has always been a passion of mine. I push cars to their limits, which lead me to modifying. Since I wasn’t enjoying the experience I was having at other shops I decided to open up my own shop and learn how to do it myself.

What is the most common car fault which comes into your workshop?

Human error. We deal with a wide range of repairs and upgrades. So what I mean is either people misusing their cars or not properly maintaining them. Then you also have the people that watch Youtube videos and try to fix/upgrade their own cars.

How do people react when they see you working on cars?

When people see me in my shop environment, there’s always an intense reaction, good and bad since it is so uncommon to see a female in my position. Sometimes people just adamantly refuse to acknowledge me as the owner and operator of this business. On the other side of it, there have been many amazing people that have supported me throughout my career and given me the drive to continue.

What is it like owning and driving a supercar?

I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to own and drive supercars. I never take it for granted. I realize that most people never get to see these cars, let alone drive them. With that being said, it’s badass! My happy place is somewhere above 180 mph… somewhere in Mexico.

Is there anyone that you look up to in the industry

There are few people that I respect and admire.

Sean Lee from Purist Group and ROWW because he is consistently finding ways to combine cars with charitable causes.

Other role models would be people like Christian Von Koenigsegg and Horacio Pagani, both whom followed their dreams and passions to create some of the most beautiful, desirable cars on the planet.

My good friend Aimee Shackelford, like me, was one of the first females to work and create a business in the high end automotive market.

I really admire anyone who makes the sacrifice and commitment to follows their dreams and does so with integrity.

She then took me for a spin in her McLaren

Afterwards she asked if I fancied a ride to which how could I say no!

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Comments (8)

  • is Amber willing to chat and give some insights on what it takes to run a business like this?

      2 years ago
  • Such a wonderful sound from a McLaren!

      2 years ago
  • 180mph + hahahaha. I bet she was just plum full of it..... in a good kind of way😎

      2 years ago
  • Was such a good day hanging out with Amber, need to do it again!

      2 years ago
  • Right up my alley, as I am looking to open my own business. Maybe Drivetribe *cough *cough might be interested in some small marketing scheme.

      2 years ago