What its like to live with a $1M Race Car

An idiots quick insight into living with a Porsche Carrera RS

2y ago

By text message.... THAT is how I was asked if I would like to drive one of the rarest cars of all time. I was watching a Top Gear clip in the shower! I nearly slipped and tore the shower curtain down with me, I dropped the soap and everything.

A week later the time came, in a cramped little garage in the heart of the Zurich, Switzerland. The garage door revealed what most people had as posters on their wall. There she stood, in all her orange glory!

I wont reveal much more since that's all in the video.

What is it like to drive, MAN!

Imagine riding a horse! Now replace the horse with a flea. Now give the flea 250HP and a worth of 1 MILLION DOLLARS! That is what its like to drive a Porsche Carrera RS! This particular car was converted into a race car, which means the seats were made for half a person and slightly touching the throttle will immediately empty your bowels.

Overall this was one of the most fullfilling drives I have ever been on, in my entire life! It gave me a new perspective on what a car is, what a car should do and what an engine note is supposed to be, as you will see in the video below.

What to prepare before watching the video: Cream, tissues, headphones (Not deep heat though... I heard.......from a friend.....)

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