W​hat Koenigsegg are you?

36w ago


H​ow do you feel about hybrid hyper-cars?

  • Y​AY!
  • N​AY!
  • B​LASHPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W​hat type of crankshaft do you prefer?

  • C​ross Plane
  • F​lat Plane

W​hat is your style out of the following?

  • H​uge Wing!
  • C​arbon fiber EVERYWHERE!!!!
  • D​ifferent from the rest
  • T​he most exhilarating

W​hat would you do on the weekend?

  • D​o speed and acceleration tests
  • D​rive on roads with the coast roaring
  • ​Air freight my car to car shows
  • R​ace day!

D​o you fear death by speed?

  • y​es
  • N​ot afraid of anything with a motor

D​o you need a fancy interior

  • Y​ES!!
  • N​O!!

D​o you need elegance?

  • Y​ES!!
  • N​O!!

W​hich is more fun?

  • H​orsepower
  • T​orque

W​hich is more fun?

  • S​PEED!!

W​here would you like to live most?

  • ​In the rich hills
  • O​n an Island
  • I​n the city
  • O​n a mountain

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