W​hat Koenigsegg are you?

W​hat Transmission do you prefer?

  • M​annual with clutch
  • S​hift paddle

D​o you care for Koenigsegg models of the past?

  • Y​ES
  • N​O

W​here would you store you Koenigsegg?

  • I​n the racetrack pits
  • I​n my garage of my collection
  • I​n my mansion
  • underground garage

W​here would you drive your Koenigsegg?

  • T​o the beach and around the coast
  • ​Through narrow streets daring the law
  • T​o major car shows and events
  • T​o the racetrack

D​o you need modern technology?

  • Y​es
  • N​o

W​hy would you own a Koenigsegg?

  • T​he top speed
  • T​he acceleration
  • T​he build quality
  • ​Driving experience

C​hoose a design feature?

  • H​uge wings and aero
  • S​leek and simple

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