W​hat Land Rover model are you?

N​ew or Old?

  • N​ew
  • Old

Do you want comfort?

  • No thank you, just adds weight.
  • N​o thank you, I don’t care
  • I​ need luxury

W​here will you drive your Land Rover?

  • O​n the farm
  • I​n the Land Rover experience centre
  • I​n Chelsea
  • T​o the hairdressers
  • T​o the construction yard


  • I​ need money left over for farm equipment
  • I​ have a flexible budget, but I want to get my money’s worth.
  • I’m​ ok with expensive as long as it’s modern and good off and on road.
  • I​ want to buy something cheap
  • I​ want to show off my extreme wealth

Is speed a priority?

  • S​peed and power
  • M​eh
  • N​o I need slow

W​hat’s your opinion on mud?

  • P​roves that I am a worthy off-road driver
  • M​y car’s so dirty already you would not notice mud.
  • S​poils the incredible whiteness of my car

C​hoose a road

  • D​irt track
  • O​ff Road track
  • C​heyne Walk

C​hoose a race track

  • N​urburgring
  • S​ilverstone
  • D​irtFish

W​hat’s your favoutire colour out of these?

  • P​astel Green
  • B​ronze Green
  • P​etrol Blue
  • G​rey
  • O​ther, more vibrant colours

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