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Becca's Bumble Bee Civic!

These days in Ireland it's not as if you will see a Civic Jordan on the roads everyday especially when there was only ever 500 made...maybe there are a few in this country but by no means alot....who knows how many there actually is left in the world.

So who exactly came up this idea of having a 500 Limited edition EK4 models brightly painted in yellow...well none other than the man himself Formula 1 boss Eddie Jordan hence why these civics are known as a Jordan Civic, the yellow colour you ask, well this cam from his formula 1 team colours of the 1990s.

The Jordan Civic sort of fell in between the two extremes when it was released. It came with some of the EK9 Type R body kit no grill or hatch spoiler and the standard 1.6-litre VTi-S engine, A Civic is the perfect thing to build on in my own opinion – start with a Honda platform and then add power, plenty of it!

So what makes this number 44/500 so special..well it's owned by an Irish lass called Becca, having owned it for 3 years Becca wanted to change it somewhat and make it uniquely hers.

Autumn feels!

Autumn feels!

The reason Becca bought the car was she a had a miliano red civic coupe for a year, which she adored, she thought it was mint ( for those of you reading this who aren't Irish, mint also means savage, beautiful etc)at the time but when nct (same as the U.K's M.O.T) came around and the fail test page appeared they discovered that the back arches were beyond repairable and at the time she wasn't financially able to fix it to put it back on the road so she had to cut her losses, should she break it or scrap it. She physically cried that day.

Bumble Bee's favorite place!

Bumble Bee's favorite place!

Becca had no car for a few weeks, and heartbroken from the news from the n.c.t she decided to see what was on donedeal (irish website for selling cars amoungst other things) looking at Hondas, she started to depress herself as she scrolled across all the car classified adverts she spotted a bright yellow slammed ek4 looking back at her, not knowing at the time it was a Jordan, as she scrolled through the add she quickly thought 'ya i wish,some day'.. before i knew it i was on my way to view the car, and a few hours later my little beauty was mine!! Arriving home she couldn't believe her luck.

Thirsty work!

Thirsty work!

It was the colour that stood out to her at first the y56 sunlight yellow, it was only after realising how special the history of it was. it is number 44 out of 500 every made. Its been hard to do a check on how many is actually left but roughly in around 150, mostly spread out over Ireland and England, so in a way you can say they are getting rare nowadays on the roads and indeed on the car scene. Becca says...i think its the reason i restored it and put the effort into it, if it was a normal ek4 i probably would have lost interest and sold it by now.

Shines bright even at nighttime!

Shines bright even at nighttime!

Becca made the decision 2 years ago that it needed work and for that it needed to be declared off the road and start saving, unfortunately she is a beauty therapist with a average paying job so this took awhile. It was off the road for a whole year before any work could be done. Becca says it was hard to pass it everyday looking sorry for itself but 6 months later the insurance disk was on the window on she was heading out the gate driving it on the road for the very first time in over a year.

Golden looking lady in this light.

Golden looking lady in this light.

She loves driving it, it feels like a brand new car because basically it is! The handling is her favourite aspectof the car it feels like a go kart taking bends in the road she's a proud girl to drive it. after all the hard work that went into it. Becca says for once i have something i have that is worth showing off and talking about, i am happy with the way it looks now, nothing is perfect, theirs always room for improvement defiantley.

Some spec and work that has gone into the car is listed below, a great amount of time and patience has gone into this car..... a point in the right direction for women drivers and women who love cars and the whole car culture!

Spec/what Becca's done since she bought the civic

full respray and restoration in y56 sunlight yellow.

first moulding front lip

ek9 boot and recess

carbon fiber bonnet

carbom fiber grill



spoon carbon mirros

carbon fiber ariel delete

carbon fiber type r spoiler

red recaros

type r red carpet & mats

type r back seats

type r centre console

jordan doorcards

pink nrg steering wheel

purple snap off boss kit

purple k tuned shifter

full length wink mirrors

godspeed back x brace

powercoated candy purple mu s1s 15x8.25

175/50/15 streched hankooks

powedercoated yellow callipers

fully rebuild front and back callipers

powdercoated midnight sparkle purple shockforks, subframe, skunk2 front brace & rocker cover,

6two1 coilovers

fully undersealed

all new bushings/cv joints ect

purple rad hoses,fuel rail, fuel pressure reg, rad stay, anything that i could get purple under the bay i got!

there is over 40 purple washers all over the car inside and out , even to hold on my gearbox ;)

b16a2 1.6vti engine

orginal engine only thing i have changed is put in type r cams

plm toda style manifold

js racing carbon intake

spike rocker cover bolts and spike strut bolts

black sparkle spark plug cover

under the bonnet is very girlie, which i love. it looks mean on the outside, lift the bonnet and its very girlie, very purplely and sparkely ;)

decat straight trough to mugen twinloop

skunk 2 purple control arms & skunk 2

Purple Princess!

Purple Princess!

Big thanks to Becca for letting me feature her car.....first car feature on Irish Drive Tribers...first car owned by a girl to be featured also!

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