Your results will decide, the perfect luxury car for you

What sort of description most suits you in a luxury car

  • I want a car that can deliver good performance, and fantastic luxury.
  • I want a car that is nothing but pure luxury.
  • I want a car that is good for cruising, and good for a race track when its needed.

How do you want to travel in a car

  • I want to be Behind the wheel, so i can drive, enjoy the power, and performance
  • I want to be In the back seat, getting a massage from my heated seats, as i fall asleep in comfort
  • I want to be behind the wheel, driving quietly, and step on it when i need to

What roads do you want to drive on

  • Roads with many corners
  • Race track
  • Mountain roads, with heaps of scenery
  • Ocean drive
  • Roads with very little traffic, and lots of room
  • All of the above

How much horsepower is enough for a luxury car

  • 542 HP
  • 463 HP
  • 563 HP
  • 599 HP
  • 602 HP
  • 650 HP
  • 600 HP
  • 384 HP

Last of all what do you prefer in a luxury car

  • I want a luxury car with power, performance, luxury and speed
  • I want a luxury car, that delivers unique luxury, as well as decent performance
  • I want a luxury car that i can be chauffeured in, whilst enjoying back seat comfort
  • I want a all rounder, practical luxury and car that gains attention from public and impresses me in many ways
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