Your results will decide, the perfect luxury SUV for you.

What sort of description most suits you in a luxury SUV

  • I want a luxury SUV, that can deliver nothing but pure luxury
  • I want a luxury SUV, that is a good every day driver, but can also harness itself into race car performance standard
  • I want a luxury SUV, that can deliver good performance as well as fantastic luxury

How do you want to travel in a luxury SUV

  • I want to be behind the wheel, so i can drive, feel the power and performance and understand the cars potential
  • I want to be behind the wheel, cruising on every road possible whilst enjoying driving comfort
  • I want to be in the back seats, getting a massage from the heated seat as i fall asleep in comfort

What roads do you want to drive on

  • Roads with many twists, and bends
  • Race track
  • Mountain roads, with heaps of scenery
  • Ocean drive
  • Roads with very little traffic, and heaps of room
  • Just about any road i can drive on

How much horsepower do you want your luxury SUV to have

  • Anywhere 300 to 400 HP
  • Anywhere between 500 to 600 HP
  • Anywhere between 600 to 700 HP

Last of all what do you prefer in a luxury SUV

  • I want, blistering speed and performance, in my luxury SUV as well as sublime luxury
  • I want nothing but luxury, a SUV that i can be chauffeured in whilst enjoying the best comfort
  • I want an all rounder, practical luxury SUV, with good performance and that can gain attention out in public
  • I want a SUV that can be the car i drive daily
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