What makes a car sexy?

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    I’ve often pondered this question and whether or not any scientific studies have actually been done by car manufacturers or car obsessed university students to answer it? I guess the answer will differ from person to person depending on your own tastes. But for me this is what makes a car sexy.


    Humans are visual creatures; we are attracted to something when it looks good, whether it be a car or another person. There is much truth to the saying ‘love at first sight’.

    For me a sexy car has flowing lines and curves you just want to run your hands over. This is why the Ferrari 458 will be always one of the sexiest cars of all time in my books. I have more than once describe it as ‘sex on wheels’. It’s the side on profile I enjoy best when I look at one.

    The colour of a car is also important and yes if I had to own just one Ferrari it would be a red F12, but on any other car I would have to say the sexiest colour is metallic black. A metallic black Ferrari 458 would be the second Ferrari I would own if I were that lucky in life.

    I find the look of carbon fibre to be sexy. I once saw a ‘naked’ carbon fibre Bugatti Veyron at a French petrol station and I went week at the knees. The carbon fibre work on Formula 1 cars is also one of the reasons why I think it is the best motorsport category in the world.


    For me the sexiest engine noise is a V8, V10 or V12. An engine must have substance and really hit you in the chest as it accelerates down the road. Sadly the turbo and hybrid era are robbing us of this pure sound, but that’s progress for you.

    Here I will give the example of Formula 1 and one of the major criticisms of the new V6 hybrid engines was they sounded like a vacuum cleaners and didn’t at all suit what Formula 1 should sound like. A bit like David Beckham in my opinion, he has the looks, but when he opens his mouth, any sexiness just goes out the window for me.

    I think Michael Schumacher’s screaming V10 Ferrari will always be my favourite Formula 1 engine. I loved it so much that when I went to watch the races live I didn’t even wear ear plugs because I just wanted to take it all in!


    I guess you think that I’m going to talk about petrol now? Well yes I do like the smell of race fuel, but filling up the tank at the petrol station is not something that does it for me.

    The smell I love is the interior of a car not just when it is new. But even after many years if it is the right car you will still love the smell every time you get in.

    The smell of the leather is one of the things I love most about expensive cars and the more expensive the car the better it gets! I’ve never sat in a Rolls Royce or Bentley but I imagine that their smell is something quite extraordinary.

    Is the smell something that is very important for humans? Well scientific studies have shown that when you find the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with one feature you will really love about them is their smell. So yes I do think the smell of a car is something that contributes to how sexy a car can be.


    For the feel of a car there are so many aspects that can be attributed to it's sexiness. From the first touch of the door handle, to the way the door closes. For me it has to have a good ‘thunk’ when you close it.

    Then the wheel, you are going to spend all your time in the car holding on to this and so it has got to be good. A sexy wheel has to be thick, but not too thick, covered in leather and alcantara and shaped just right.

    If the car has paddle shifters, then these have to feel right as well. A nice shape paddle, in the right position and with just the right amount of resistance when you use them to move up and down the gears. If it’s a manual then the feel of gear changing is even more important and a nice mechanical shift is required.

    Of course the seats also have to have the right feel for a car to be sexy. I like a seat that hugs my waist as I’m powering out of a corner and of course they have to be leather as well.

    Finally the sexiest part of the car is the felling you get when you drive it. I like a car that has a firm ride, but not so harsh that it rattles your teeth out. It has to stick to the road and not wallow about as I drive through the corners.

    Considering this is a website dedicated to the joy of cars, I can’t be the only person who thinks about a car in this way. So tell me, what makes a car sexy to you?

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    • Have you ever listened to, or even driven, a Saab 900 turbo or a Maserati Biturbo? Inline-4 and V6, but these are definitely not robbing you of any sound.

      What makes a car sexy? Just like humans, it's character. And just like humans, the looks are secondary. Oviously, you cannot be downright ugly and sexy, so a Fiat Multipla will never be sexy. But after you have crossed the "looks-good-enough"-threshold, character becomes the dominant factor. And some minor flaws are easily forgiven...

        3 years ago
    • I have never driven one 😳 now I feel like I'm missing out!

        3 years ago
    • I would have to say I like paddle shifts best these days. But if my younger years it had to be a manual :)

        3 years ago
    • I like a manual transmission (and not for the pervy reason) and how it feels to shift gears. I have yet to meet a sexy automatic.

        3 years ago
    • I like your style Anna!

        3 years ago


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