What makes a good car YouTube channel?

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1. A title that grabs your attention

It's no good having your title be "2021 Volkswagen Golf R Review", that just doesn't grab attention at all. YouTube is very competitive, so simply writing a title in that manner won't cut it. "The NEW Golf R - Is it worth the hype?" This one I've made up works better, the capitalised new grabs the attention and the question at the end makes you want to click on the video. A video that would've attracted a small crowd may now stand a better chance of drawing a large audience.

2. Regular uploads

The world of motoring moves at a fast speed, it has already changed hugely since I started writing this article. So, in order to stay relevant, regular uploads are essential. Car reviews can't happen every day, so car news is helpful too. There's never any shortage of motoring content out there so there is no excuse for a lack of video uploads. Regular uploads also help keep the audience engaged and they're then more likely to subscribe. I've seen several YouTube channels where the uploads aren't as often as they should be and despite there being perhaps a solid number of subscribers, the view count has suffered.

Here's the AutoExpress YouTube channel. AutoExpress have over half a million subscribers but their view count doesn't appear to reflect that. The upload schedule while not dreadful is not regular enough to draw in a consistent and large enough audience.

Comparatively, AutoTrader who only have slightly fewer subscribers have a far higher view count. This is down to a regular upload schedule. The videos are reviews, because that's what most people are subscribed for. But for the hardcore enthusiasts, there are also car news videos and this keeps the subscriber base engaged and watching.

3. Shake things up

Car reviews are very popular as are car news videos. But eventually things need shaking up. This can be a stylistic decision, so the reviews may be filmed and directed in a different way. Or, this could mean making different videos alongside the usual suspects. Carwow do drag races on a fairly regular basis alongside their car news and reviews content and that may explain why they have over 5 million subscribers.

YouTube is very competitive, car channels need to stand out in several ways in order to succeed. Otherwise, you'll get left behind and once you're left behind it's very hard to catch up.


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