What makes a good driving song?

What are the essential elements that make for truly great driving song?

42w ago


Style is possibly the most essential element. For many people, a fast song is what makes a great song, whilst others may prefer something gentler. Style and taste are arguably the same thing, if you know somebody's taste in music, you would presumably know what specific style of music they would opt for.


Nobody would want a driving song that they will only listen to once, assuming they even reach the end of the song. A truly great driving song has to be memorable, without question. It would make for a rather bad experience if you were just driving along, waiting for the song to be over. So, before you've even chosen your driving song playlist, you should know the songs like the back of your hand. Anything other than that simply won't pass muster.


The genre of music is also essential. Do you want thrash metal or would you rather something totally different? The point of genre also links quite nicely to style and taste. Some people only listen to one genre of music, where they very rarely bother to listen to anything else. A varied playlist sounds good, though some like the songs on their playlists to be linked together in some way, whether that be by date, artist, genre or anything else.

What makes a great driving song is subjective and perhaps as the name suggests, it's a song not only for the driver (passengers' opinions need not apply) but also a song that harnesses the joy of driving.

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  • I believe it depends what you are driving as well

      9 months ago