What Music Does Richard Hammond Listen To In the Car?

Also, a revisit to the greatest driving song in the world

3y ago

Listening to music while driving; it's a combination that's more classic than peas and carrots. Ice cream and cones. Ketchup and french fries. It's the thing that can make a long boring commute stuck in traffic bearable, and one of the few times (assuming you're alone in the car) where you can truly just be yourself and free to sing however you please.

So what does a man like Richard Hammond listen to while driving?

According to the Facebook Q&A held on September 22nd, Hammond likes listening to "lots of music. I enjoy listening to Tom Waits, JJ Cale, BB King, Troy Trumbo...a wide variety." It's interesting; I wouldn't have taken Richard for such a blues man!

CREDIT: Statii.com

CREDIT: Statii.com

And since we're on the subject of driving music, let's revisit the greatest driving songs of all time, which, if you don't remember, were as follows:

- Queen: Don't Stop Me Now

- Meat Loaf: Bat out of Hell

- Steppenwolf: Born to Be Wild

- Golden Earring: Radar Love

- Deep Purple: Highway Star

But here's the thing, it's been 12 years since that list was compiled, and there must be some updates with greatest driving songs, both old and new.

So how about it, Nation? Let's hear your picks for what you listen to while driving and what you think the greatest driving song is!

My vote for the greatest driving song ever is "The Hellion/Electric Eye" by Judas Priest. When I'm out for my weekend drive in my Mustang and this song comes on, I always get a big smile and start driving more...erm..."spiritedly."




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Comments (26)

  • genesis?

      3 years ago
  • genesis 😁

      3 years ago
  • Some of my favorites..

    Queen- I'm in love with my car

    Duke Dumont- Ocean Drive

    Bon Jovi- Dead or Alive

    Eagles- Take it easy


    Any song on radio of any genre that moves you while driving is the best song!!

      3 years ago
  • I personally prefer classical music while I’m driving or racing.

      3 years ago
  • The Rocky Mountain Oyster Band

      3 years ago