What My Content Will Look Like During School

There are several changes

2w ago


Hello followers (and whoever else happens to read this)! Thank you for following me and bumping my posts!

Although I will be learning from home via my computer, my school has a set class schedule, limiting the amount of time I have to create and post new content. School starts on September 1. I have a new quiz for today, a special quiz to conclude the series for tomorrow, and a standalone quiz that for September 1 will likely surprise all of you.

After that, I will only be posting on weekends. Each weekend, there will be a spotting post, a quiz for a new series on cars I find on bike rides, and an article. Finally, I will be diversifying into an article that sums up the car news from the past week each week and will post about any new diecast cars that I buy/receive.

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  • Can’t wait👍

      18 days ago