What next for fiat-Chrysler?

2y ago


Over the past year, I've had several conversations with my comrades in the auto writing business about what the future holds for Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles--or whether there's a future at all. Another conversation tonight sparked this post.

Ram certainly appears to be a strong brand with a safe future, but it's essentially one product plus a handful of commercial / heavy-duty variants. Jeep, too, is trucking along nicely, and it has a clear trajectory to share out architectures to Fiat.

But what about the rest of FCA? Chrysler appears dead in the water. Lancia is no better off. Alfa Romeo's new Giulia is a strong entry into the luxury and performance sedan space, but even optimistic predictions of sales volume aren't enough to support a brand outright in the U.S., and there's still the issue of competing with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, and Cadillac on the dealership end of the transaction.

Our beloved Viper is dead, even as Hellcat tries to carry the flag--but is that enough?

This is all crystal ball stuff, of course, but then this is Deep Thoughts, so that's why you're here. Gaze into the future and tell us all what you see for the future of FCA.

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