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What next for Sergio Perez ?

Does Loyalty Means Anything In F1 ?

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As everyone knows by now that Sergio Perez has been left out in the cold by Racing Point and now his future in Formula 1 beyond 2020 is uncertain.

Although he signed a fresh 3-year contract last year to remain with the Silverstone outfit until 2022, and it is not unprecedented in Formula 1 for the driver or the team to cancel their contract most recent case would be in 2009 with Kimi and Ferrari, Perez’s contract was cut short by two years on Wednesday when he received an unexpected call from team owner Lawrence Stroll informing him that he had lost his seat,but

I am sure that it's not all that bad for Perez as Lawrence definitely paid him his due for cancelling the contract early.

Picture credits: Skysports F1

Picture credits: Skysports F1

Sergio Perez was left understandably “hurt” in his announcement on social media and in the press conference and revealed he had heard nothing from the team to suggest he would not be driving for the team next year until prior to this weekend.

It appears ruthless for Racing Point to so readily discard a driver who has been loyal to the cause both on and off the track, especially after saving the team back then named Force India from bankruptcy and going off the grid by sending the team into administration and saving hundreds of jobs.

and he took the team to some fantastic podium finishes on merit that has seen Perez earn the reputation for being one of the strongest, and most consistent, drivers, in the midfield.

But as Perez himself conceded, he knows how the game of F1 works having been in the sport for so many years. He has accepted the decision and is now focusing his full attention on finding a landing spot.


Given the timing of the decision, there are few remaining options left for him on the F1 grid, and certainly, no front-running drives available. It took Perez by surprise and gave him no chance to come up with a Plan B, but he remains determined to stay and survive in this ruthless competition called Formula 1.

With just three teams still yet to announce their driver lineup for 2021 .And one of them being Redbull F1 team's 2nd seat .But it is highly unlikely for Redbull to put a driver who is not from their academy.

Picture credits : f1.com

Picture credits : f1.com

So the most plausible options would be the previous team that has given him his debut back in 2011 Alfa Romeo Sauber with 40 years old 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen yet to decide his future in the sports and Antonio Giovinazzi who is yet to start the discussions on his future.

Picture credits: Autosports

Picture credits: Autosports

Even though Alfa Romeo is underperforming this year with just 2 points on the board in 8 races it is still his best option for now as it has performed consistently in the past with occasionally mixing up with the midfield runners and often beating them.

But I think it's still up to the team and Ferrari what it wants to do with the second seat as it is likely that Ferrari wants to promote one of their junior drivers into F1.

Picture credits : insideracing.com

Picture credits : insideracing.com

Or he could take a gamble with another team on the grid that has close ties with Ferrari, Haas f1 team ,

With a strong 2018 where they were clearly one of the fastest midfield team and challenged Renault f1 for best of the rest title ,But since then the last two years haven't been great for the team often struggling to get out of Q1 and has been in the bottom 3 in the constructor standing. But a driver like Perez's calibre could really help the team move forwards especially with the new regulations coming up in 2022. And in the last 3 years or so I would suggest that drivers have been Haas's Achilles heel .Don't get me wrong both Romain and Kevin are blindingly quick but not consistent , With Grosjean making mistakes when it mattered the most.

So will Perez stay in F1 or take a sabatical?

Perez ruled out taking a sabbatical year from racing and confirmed he would pursue an alternative series if he is not successful in his main quest to find an F1 drive. The 30-year-old insisted he would take his time over making a final decision, but did not dismiss the prospect of a switch to either IndyCar or Formula E.

“I think everything is an option right now,” he explained.

“My main target is to remain in F1, I feel that I am still very young and I’m hungry and I want to carry on in Formula 1.

“But it has to be the right package, a package that really gives me the maximum motivation to give my 100 percent every single lap.

“I think it’s also going to be a long-term project, targeting 2022, there I expect the rule changing to play a major effect.

“So that’s the main reason that I want to continue for 2022 because I feel there can be plenty of opportunities.

we all hope he stays in F1 for foreseeable future as he is too good of driver

to left out of F1.

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  • Perez : Literally saves the team

    Aston Martin/Racing Point/Force India/Spyker/Midland : We’re replacing you.

      1 month ago
  • Haas or Alfa but I don’t think they will remove Kimi for Perez unless Kimi decides to retire

      1 month ago


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