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What People HATE About Car Shows

Seriously. GET. OFF. MY. CAR. (Includes a Poll!)

2y ago

Theres always some sort of drama going down at every car show or car meet. Whether it's a kid touching the cars, or a model accidentally causing damage - Sh*t happens! So, we asked Instagram what people hated about Car Shows, and today we're talking about their responses! What do YOU hate about Car Shows?



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Comments (18)

  • Girls being used as decoration.

      2 years ago
  • Sometimes those "carspotting" people are a bit too much

      2 years ago
  • self entitled birds sitting on my car's bonnet! :-)

      2 years ago
  • 1. LS swapped/2J swapped classics

    2. Cheap aftermarket parts on classics

    3. Muscle car guys dissing Euros because their cars have more HP

    4. People telling you how thier car is the best and not willing to talk specs

      2 years ago
    • We have a big problem on our Drag strip nights out here in Irwindale with people "sandbagging" their times (to us that means they slow way way down before hitting the finish line) I'm like....WTF IS THE POINT OF YOU BEING ON THE STRIP?!

        2 years ago
  • I'm talking local ones but: lack of variety, the same cars every year, young kids are morons, liars and go looking for fights, old guys wont shut up about the auto industry glory days and ignorantly hate on non American brands. I'd rather stay home and look at pictures online. lol Also on the girls being decoration I bet if Jason Momoa was standing next to a car with no shirt on you'd all be super okay with it; but that's non of my business.

      2 years ago
    • lmao why don't guys model on cars?! D< But yes the comment about young kids and old guys is so true. It's at EVERY show

        2 years ago