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What School Club Should I Join

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    • GSA (Gay Straight Allienc...
    • Mobile Gaming
    • TikTok

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    • I think you should pick the GSA. It would be enriching and meaningful as well as something good to put on a cv.

        18 days ago
    • I haven’t a clue tbh

        18 days ago
      • So mobile gaming is where you play on any device and any game for 30 minutes

        Gat straight Allience is supporting the cause of transphobia and homophobia in my school

        And TikTok club is all about safety on social media platforms

          18 days ago
      • I’d say the Gay Straight Alliance then

          18 days ago
    • Mobile gaming

        18 days ago
    • Tf does Gay Straight Alliance mean

        18 days ago
      • The gay straight Allience is to help students in the LGBTQ and straight allies of the LGBTQ community come together and take down homophobia and transphobia in my school

          18 days ago
    • Update- All the clubs I wanted to join were full so now I’m in Trivia/Quiz Bowl

        4 days ago