W​hat small modern sports car are you?

43w ago


C​hoose a Gearbox?

  • M​anual and Clutch
  • S​hift paddle
  • A​utomatic

W​hich do you want?

  • A​ll the Chicks!!!
  • L​ots of fun!
  • R​acetrack and great road car
  • R​allying!
  • ​A pocket rocket!

P​ick a kind of day to have?

  • S​unny, warm, coastal road
  • R​ACE DAY!!!!!!!
  • F​reeway accelerating
  • R​ally circuit

H​ow do you like your interior?

  • C​omfy
  • S​porty
  • A​s long as it can get dirty

H​ow would you celebrate a holiday with your car?

  • B​urnouts and donuts in parking lots at night with friends
  • R​ally racing
  • R​acing on a track
  • Shopping or traveling

W​here would you live?

  • C​ity
  • C​ountry
  • S​uburbs

H​ow would you care for your car?

  • I​ would drive it to the ground but maintain it well
  • D​rive it till I die on the racetrack
  • W​ould be a grocery getter

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