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What Sparked Your Passion In Motorsport & All Things on Wheels.

Lets share our stories what got us into everything on wheels and with motors of course.

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We all have our own reasons for our interests in certain things, some are born with it, some may watch a sport and it sparks from there or from families or friends interests. So why not share where our passion comes from in cars, bikes and motorsports. Lets add a comment where your interest comes from.

My has been driven from my young age listening to the stories of my Mum, Dad and Godfather's antics when they use to go racing in the MG Midget. They would travel to most of the iconic British circuits.

My dad on the far side of the car with my godfather is polishing the bonnet.

My dad on the far side of the car with my godfather is polishing the bonnet.

My Dad owned a garage and would go racing on the weekend with my godfather, taking the transit towing the trailer with the MG Midget around the country to go the racing. I absolutely love hearing the antics they used to get up on the weekends, one of them that sticks out was dad would signal Pete to go faster from the pit wall which was responded with a signal back..... (i will let you think about what the response was but it wasn't okay). Its something i wish i could have been involved in as it sounded so much fun.

Later on my dad would restore an MGB, which would use for family trips until me and my brother got to big to sit in the back, however i remember sitting in the front seat pretending i was driving the car. It was great a car and probably fuelled my love for the classic car, except for the interior light that i would catch my hair in once i was tall enough. Surprised i don't have a bald patch from it. It was a shame when he came to sell it and then got his love back for two wheels, which again fuelled my passion for two wheels.

So its safe to say my passion for all things on wheels is from my family and we still go to race days, and hillclimbs

Over to you now, what fuelled your passion? Lets get a discussion going in the comments.

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Comments (21)

  • Idk I always used to watch gymkhana, but I think what really started it was car shows

      10 months ago
  • Proper respect/fascination with motor sports started for me with ABC Wide World of Sports - and tracks like Monaco and Watkins Glen.

      10 months ago
  • My grandpas lada 2101 believe it or not. I was born in 2000 and every time i saw it on the streets it looked so simple and elegant. The italians did a good job with that design.

      10 months ago
  • To be honest i used to have mini hot wheels cars when i was younger but the reason I love cars and motorsport in general is the fact that my cousin once gave me the ps3 game Gran Turismo 5. He never got it back, to say the least! 😂

      10 months ago
    • Never had hot wheels but my nephew was playing it on Sunday, so i had to have a go. Gran Turismo is a good game, use to play it with my brother. Just wish they would add some damage, but the graphics was great.

        10 months ago
  • According to my mother, I started early, at the age of 3. We were in toyshop. When I was offered to choose between electric train set and wind up car, I chose wind up car and never looked back.

      10 months ago