What the F*CK is happening to Chevy?! | Shift Talking Ep. 29

Dear Chevrolet,

What is going on? We're confused and angry about whatever the heck is going on at your company. Why does the Blazer look like a Camaro? Why did you put the bowtie in the bumper in the first place? Why aren't you cool anymore?!

Sincerely, A heartbroken Marly :(

I know, I know we're late to the party of criticizing the new look of the Camaro, but it's because we fought against it for so long. (ok, marly fought against it for so long) So...here we go talking about it. Note - When I was speaking about the Silverado, a base model is around $38,000 MSRP, but a pack with all the bells and whistles could be up at around $60,000 - $80,000. So my mistake!



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Comments (5)
  • I like camaros, even the uglier years have their charms, and Iโ€™m not say this one is ugly looking but it doesnโ€™t look like a stylish muscle car. It looks more like a sporty Honda or Toyota.

    12 days ago
  • I'm in the process of looking for an SUV or something. To hear chevy may be screwing up annoys me. But that camaro tho. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    24 days ago


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