- Imagine waiting at the bus stop on a cold winter morning and this rocks up.

What the hell is that!

A little story about the UK's smallest bus.

So I was scrolling through instagram one day at college and found a funny video of a guy who seemed really enthusiastic about busses. In fact he bought the smallest bus in the UK. The owner, Jayson bought the bus because it was ‘so unique and crazy’. I think it is obvious that Jayson loves his busses and he has made it quite clear that he intends to restore his little bus and take it all over the country. The bus, previously a bog standard Fiat Seicento has been heavily modified to raise money for the Special Care Baby Unit in Newcastle.

Jayson bought the ‘bus’ at auction for around £900 and collected it from Middlesbrough with a recovery truck; a few weeks later it was fully repaired and passed all of the mandatory tests to make the vehicle road legal. Inside the little bus it has many familiar items that you’ll find in a bus. Like a ticket machine, bus seats and even a sectioned off area where the driver sits. On the outside it has the familiar Arriva livery, a destination display and the emergency kill switch.

Jayson likes to take his bus to shows and charity events and enjoys taking pictures of his bus, he has taken it over to the local train station with ‘rail replacement’ on his display board when someone actually thought it was a replacement service. Jayson's plans are clear, he wants to continue his restoration and keep his little icon on the road.

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