What the rumours are saying about the Aston Martin DBX

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SUVs and driving pleasure are inversely proportional to each other. These big daddies are botched up sedans which are slower on the straights and clumsy around bends. Therefore, auto enthusiasts do not understand the massive lineup of SUVs that have been pushed into the market year after year.

Manufacturers however have strong reason to focus more on the SUV department. The go-to example being the Lamborghini Urus which sold a whopping 2693 units between January 1st and 30th June. The Raging Bull's first SUV doubled the proceeds for the company overtaking sales figures for the Huracan and Aventador combined.

Aston Martin

This British company is going through one of its toughest times when it comes to increasing sales and registering profits. Coming to the SUV party a bit later than other performance brands, Aston Martin is almost ready to launch their first crossover.

The key word here being "almost". While the launch of the car is rumoured to be later this month, Aston Martin have released a snapshot of the DBX's interior.

The centre console will be controlled by a screen with traditional buttons for the aircon vents. The gear lever will be surrounded by buttons for different driving modes and the centre hand rest will have enough space for a large handbag.

The 2nd row will give the kids enough space to jump around. Reports also suggest that Aston Martin invited children to let them test the ergonomics of the backseat during the testing phase of the car.

While we still have to wait till the release to see what the wheel and dashboard look like, Aston Martin have revealed that the price for this luxury cocoon will be US$ 189,000.

Onto the rumours bit

Aston Martin debuted the DBX concept in 2015. As the years rolled by and the dream inched towards reality, Aston Martin added practical features like rear doors to their first ever crossover.

The camauflaged DBX highlights Aston Martin's trademark styling. The iconic body shape, the massive front grill and the vintage headlights are the most appealing aspects on the car.

What about the engine?

The manufacturer's biggest car will feature the AMG twin-turbo 4.0L V8 which will produce 442 HP and 562 pounds of torque.

The AMR version of the car will get the company's own 5.2L V12 producing 630 HP and 516 lb-ft. This version will reportedly also sport a drift mode which will be made possible with a rear biased all-wheel-drive system.

The third option has been confirmed as a hybrid. Though the specifics will be revealed some time in the future, the CEO has stated that Aston Martin is keen on entering the SUV hybrid market with the DBX.

Anything else, Akshay?

The car will be able to do 186 mph (300 km/hr) and will share the market with the likes of Mercedes GLC, Porsche Cayenne and the BMW X6.

The car will be built at a new facility in Wales and has required massive investments from the company. The DBX is undoubtedly Aston Martin's most important launch in a long time.

The launch will be in a standalone event on the 20th of November, 2019.

Are you looking forward to AM's first SUV? Do you think it looks good enough? Talk to me in the comments!

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